💜 three years five months! 💜

Thursday 24 August 2023

Me and snifflehubby🧸 are celebrating our monthsary today🎂 we're in a bit of LDR situation but am looking forward to sep10
I'll be flying to usa✈️ (in memphis where he's currently stationed to work)and stay there for a month then we'll come back together home by october 🦇🎃👻
I'm counting the days when we'll be reunited! 🧸💜🧸 He's my bestfriend in the entire whole damned world and he's made my life so beautiful just by us existing together 😭😭 Distance makes the heart grow fonder they say and for me it's quite true haha but until then i shall carry on being the melancholic emo girl that i am.