🩶 Booklet: Press-on nails 🩶

Saturday 18 May 2024

Hi! Please im so proud of this edit i made, onegai watch if you can! I'm trying something new, my algorithm recently have been nail-art, meiku, and stationary asmr and I AM LIVING. This is my attempt at short form asmr even though the audio is kinda fucked up, like these's so many distorted noises and what not. Anyway, yes! my A6 nails binder arrived and I can organise my cute little press ons. This is the real reason why I also started with stickers.. So i can decorate my binder haha!

🩶 Domi World - AtalierbyEv 🩶

Thursday 16 May 2024

Aaaaaaaahhhhhh!!! Im a huge fan of Domi World illustrations! I knew that if i wanted to get into stationary/sticker collecting, their works will be one of the stuff i'll get first. Y2K is such a big trend right now and I do feel their art conveys that vibe combined with 2020's love for aesthetics.

🩶 Press-on Nails 🩶

Wednesday 15 May 2024

After getting my nails done in nail salons for about 2 yrs (on and off) i decided to try press-on nails last April. I watched a lot of nail care videos that claim they do make their press-ons last for 3 weeks and i thought that's amazing So I got myself some cheap sets just to test the waters and see if it's for me.. Fast forward a month later and I truly think i'm convinced to switch to press-on nails entirely.