🖤 SUPERNOTE: A6x2 Nomad 🖤

Tuesday 13 February 2024

Tomoyo as my wallpaper/screensaver
I bit the bullet and bought the new supernote nomad! I have been really loving it so far. I got it last tuesday and I've been tinkering with it since. It feels so good to be in touch with the handwriting/doodle side of me. The Nomad feels so light and so thin! It's such a delight to carry around with my samsung pen and write down my thoughts. Finally! a dedicated place for all my writings/notes. I've been really struggling with organising my notes about everything (crochet archives, groceries, gaming notes, shows, dream journal, research on audhd) My husband thinks it's so silly to pay so much for this tablet and i kinda agree, but the traditional artist in me couldn't pass up the chance to test this technology that promises to bridge the digital benefits of organistation and analog experience of writing on traditional media.

🩶 research on e-ink devices 🩶

Friday 26 January 2024

my first e-ink: Kindle Paperwhite bought in 2017
hewwoo im coming here to compile my thoughts about my mild-to-medium hyperfixation with e-ink devices recently. i have an old kindle paperwhite i bought from 2017 which i used a lot on the first year i had it. i fell inlove with e-ink but the software amazon has for it is really bad. i hated the wallpaper ads.i dropped using my kindle because reading books has always been phases for me. fast forward to