🩶 Happy Father's Day 🩶

Saturday 15 June 2024

Here in Germany they are currently celebrating Father's Day! I thought I'd take this opportunity to draw snifflehubby~! Here he is with our three sons! To see last year's illustration of him click here~! It's been a while since I drew him I kinda feel bad uwu but it's been quite busy during the first half of the year so.. that's that! im thinking of getting this printed and make a deco journal spread about him?? im lowkey obsessed with him for 4 years now ahaha..

🩶 DecoJournal 🩶

Thursday 13 June 2024

Hello, one of my sons (jubjub) have been ill and im super stressed about it~
I have turned to finally starting a decojournal to distract myself while i take care of him. I hope he gets better soon. It took some time to remove the fear of using the stickers i bought but also it feels nice to start putting together a spread! I kinda went crazy and made multiples pages since the first one looked really nice and i felt busy and productive. It took my mind off feeling sad and worried. Also quite happy that i have found use for the Butterbear notebook I got from Bangkok last April!

🩶 My 3DS from 2015: Nemui 🩶

Tuesday 4 June 2024

Hello, recently I couldn't put my 3ds down! It all started when Jaro mentioned he hacked into his 2DS and installed homebrew. He said he's been playing ACNL on it and honestly, say no more! So few days ago, I did the same and started a new town on ACNL! I think part of the reason im so into it now is because i learned to use a save editor. It allowed me so much freedom to do what i want to do like collect furniture sets, get pink flowers, and change my villagers.