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🧸Welcome to my gaming journal
Sniffles notes: I do this weird thing with gaming where if i really enjoy a game (usually simulation games w/ linear progression)that i tend to restart again and again. As if im reliving the initial memories and experiencing them again for the first time, but better because this time i know much more than before. i think subconsciously it gives me a feeling of complete control and security in knowing what's going to happen next. this gameplay loop becomes a comfort zone. and so i will restart again and again, and again. well thats fine and all because thats the point of gaming-just enjoy. this however becomes a problem for me because i have absolutely no progress or nothing to show for with how much in-game time i have accumulated
in said games ToT I do want progress, and i do want to challenge myself and explore further contents! and so this journal is born. Im hoping to keep track of my favourite games here so if im feeling nostalgic i can just come here and browse how's far i've come instead of always starting from scratch.