🧸 goodbye my ffxiv house 🧸

Sunday 24 September 2023

it's 5am i am blogging from my phone~ i'm comemorating the loss of my ffxiv house thru auto-demolition. Im currently away from home and have no means of disabling the timer. timer just ran out so it's quite final. i have had so much happy memories in there playing with my friends and now fiance. it was a really nice small house in Lavender Beds quite close to a market board. i spent a lot of days learning how to glitch furnitures and was only able to furnish the kitchen part (due to lack of funds hehe). I've been holding on to it since 2021 and even when i stopped actively playing i would still log in from time to time to cancel auto-demolition. Back then buying houses wasnt on lottery basis but whoever clicked first when the house went up for sale, it was a flex that a sprout like
me outclicked 4 or 6 other people that day after 4hrs of clicking non stop.

i'm a little bitter to let it go but i've given myself a moment and decided to be okay with it. it's for the best. maybe the new owner will give it much more love and care than me and maybe it will be a player who deserves it more than me. I hope that one day i can actively play ffxiv again and play the remaining expansions (i stopped midway stormblood). Maybe buy a house again this time married to my snifflehubby irl and in-game