🖤 crochet update: frilled wallet 🖤

Friday 3 November 2023

Hello~ here's a cute wallet i crocheted last 2 weeks ago. You can find the tutorial here. I mainly wanted to learn how to make the frill section. Was happy to know it's not that hard! ( •̀ ω •́ )✧
🌷Thoughts on the project:
I used acrylic yarn, it's just what i have on hand. I love the look but for wallets it's hard to retain the shape. I have yet to get my hands on some cord yarn. I heard
tshirt yarn is also good. But both is kind of hard to find locally and im still considering my options online. Can we talk about how overwhelming it is to shop for yarns as a beginner? Not only you have to consider the colours, but also the texture, diameter, fiber type, 100g or 50g? and then finally where to source them. comparing prices and shipping fees, wether to stock only what you need or to hoard? Am I gonna stay hyperfixated or will i be dropping the hobby soon? I need to know so i don't waste money pls 😭😭😭