🖤 Keeb upgrade: ABM066 Alice🖤

Sunday 19 November 2023

i finally dived into custom builds and the world of hotswap! i got a budget alice from cidootech, i decided to go for these because ive always been fascinated with the ergonomic form of alice feker and just the aesthetic in general is very cute. i've been using this for a week now and while im still getting used to it, i already notice the typing experience is so much better for my small hands. i also really appreciate the volume knob included, it was the easiest feature to get used to XD another thing i enjoy is the wireless connectivity, something that wasnt common just few years ago, but now its like a must-have if youre looking for an upgrade and is a feature readily available even for entry level budget keebs. can we also talk about my keycaps, im so inlove with them! and i do feel like i will be using them for a very long time! they're called MOA keycaps and their designs tend to be more playful. the shape is rounder too. before moa keycaps i've used XDA ones and i thought that was it. im definitely more of a moa girly now. The switches that came with the keyboard (cidoo silent blues) are also soo good like, quiet and creamyy. its so crazy how my typing experience is so much different now. feels like a dream!