๐Ÿ–ค SUPERNOTE: A6x2 Nomad ๐Ÿ–ค

Tuesday 13 February 2024

Tomoyo as my wallpaper/screensaver
I bit the bullet and bought the new supernote nomad! I have been really loving it so far. I got it last tuesday and I've been tinkering with it since. It feels so good to be in touch with the handwriting/doodle side of me. The Nomad feels so light and so thin! It's such a delight to carry around with my samsung pen and write down my thoughts. Finally! a dedicated place for all my writings/notes. I've been really struggling with organising my notes about everything (crochet archives, groceries, gaming notes, shows, dream journal, research on audhd) My husband thinks it's so silly to pay so much for this tablet and i kinda agree, but the traditional artist in me couldn't pass up the chance to test this technology that promises to bridge the digital benefits of organistation and analog experience of writing on traditional media. I would say they really did and achieved it for me. Im so in love with the experience of my stylus on the FeelWrite2 screen. it's like using gel pen on paper. It really has become my new bestfriend haha.
Here's how my current notebook folder looks! I'm adding more as I write, it's hard not to feel overwhelmed with filling it up with writings. The notebook covers are made by me. They are on my ko-fi free.
Some doodles! I use these as stickers for decorating my diary, notes, and when learning german. Sadly there's not a way to import images and stickers yet so i had to make my own stickers for now.
I really have nothing but praises for my baby Nomad because it does digital paper so well, on such a compact beautiful hardware device too.! However for my use-case there is a lot lacking still.

๐Ÿ’ - Like i mentioned in my previous post, I wanted to read mangas and ebooks. Without sideloading, my options are very limited. It only has Kindle app. It would be nice to have google play so users can customise the device for their use case. For now i manually transfer files thru overdrive/usb c.
๐Ÿ’ - Visual decoration: Right now the nomad feels so sterile of personality and it doesn't give its users much room to express themselves visually, one way to add pop and life to a monochrome screen is by icons and emojis, and being able to customise folder icons!
๐Ÿ’ - backlight: so you really can't use the nomad in the dark, there's gotta be an external light source for it to be useable.
๐Ÿ’ - Community Vibe. So far they have reddit and facebook, there is so much untapped space for community contribution and collaboration. I think supernote will grow exponentially as well because it truly is such a great device that can speak for itself but its voice needs to be amplified. I also feel like there is no dedicated space for artist to come together and share their drawings, or journal peeps to share their spreads (like how r/hobonichi on reddit does) i think it would be nice to see lively art on the supernote