🩶Cute Embroidery Patches 🩶

Saturday 16 March 2024

I kinda splurged on hobbies this month I admit these patches were irrisistable not to get~ I initially wanted to get only one for my Supernote Folio but ended up with four more designs in the end.. I don't regret it now that im looking at them hehe they are so cute I feel like they will be easy to incorportate on my future crafting projects! i've decided to use the bear patch for my folio, i just liked the contrast of light beige and pop of red on the bow on lilac and white I made some short clips previewing how the patches look if anyone's interested!
I want to also include a stationary purchase! My first ever washi tapes hehe They've been kinda hot for some years now but i never found any use to collect them, however recently I been looking into cardbboard weaving and part of making the cardboards is to wrap them with washi tapes. I don't know why i hyperfixate on that detail.. it does make sense though, if im keeping a cute cardboard piece i might as well make it pretty? Maybe the cats will leave them alone~ The tutorial i was talking about is this one! im planning to make me and my husband a passport holder using this method 🌷✨