🖤Needlework: Digital Notebook Folio🖤

Thursday 14 March 2024

I've been using my digital notebook for a month now and really enjoy the size of it on my hands. it's also lightweight and fits amazingly in my totebag. I knew I needed a case for it but since it's such a niche device there's really not much options out there. I decided to make my own folio instead! I've come across the use of plastic canvas to make sturdier bags with yarns. I thought this method could work with the project i have in mind. What I wasn't prepared for is how long it will take ahaha The concept was simple enough, front and back panels, and another for the spine to act as hinge. Since the structure is already there all i need to do is wrap the plastic mesh with my yarn.. and that's actually what took almost 4 days to do. Since front and back side of the panels are going to be visible I want to use a stitch that will look good no matter which side you look at it. I picked up the most basic stitch and the one that took most time to do. Mid project i was really wavering-unsure if i can finish it, but i didn't want to crank out extra braincells to figure out an alternative so I decided to trudge on till the bitter end. What I thought would be an afternoon quick crafting sesh spanned out to consume most of my week's activity HOWEVERR I MUST sayyy that I absolutely love it~!! I sewn slot for my stylus, very much inspired by hobonichi covers. Although it looks plain, the texture and feel of the folio is just so good. I also loved that the folio does not add much bulk to the device itself which allows me to hold it with one hand (important for me because I do most of my reading before bed while lying down waiting for sleep). But my most favourite feature is definitely how cute it looks with my other stuff inside my bag. Pleaseee simple things like this makes me feel very coquette girly or just feel like someone who has their shit together. It does wonder for the mental health haha.