🩶 Domi World - AtalierbyEv 🩶

Thursday 16 May 2024

Aaaaaaaahhhhhh!!! Im a huge fan of Domi World illustrations! I knew that if i wanted to get into stationary/sticker collecting, their works will be one of the stuff i'll get first. Y2K is such a big trend right now and I do feel their art conveys that vibe combined with 2020's love for aesthetics. I check their sns pretty often but have no idea how to order from them since im in Europe. Thankfully I came across Atelierbyev on instagram whose shop is based in UK, they stock some of the cutest Domi World stickers so I knew I had to order from them! This is my first order unboxing! Overall I'm very pleased with the service I received and the products themselves are so high quality. Im not sure if I would really use them as they are so precious to me. For now I put them up on my skadis pegboard as a poster.