🩶 Happy Father's Day 🩶

Saturday 15 June 2024

Here in Germany they are currently celebrating Father's Day! I thought I'd take this opportunity to draw snifflehubby~! Here he is with our three sons! To see last year's illustration of him click here~! It's been a while since I drew him I kinda feel bad uwu but it's been quite busy during the first half of the year so.. that's that! im thinking of getting this printed and make a deco journal spread about him?? im lowkey obsessed with him for 4 years now ahaha..
Here is the room i designed for him in ACNL! Its got his PC setup, RGB lighting (aurora screens and lava lamp), a big gameboy console, TV and sofa set for entertaining his guests (he's an extrovert and love hosting friends over). There is also a stack of shirts and a boston bag because he's always travelling for work! I think maybe i need a 2nd room for him which is more of a bedroom style.. I could expand this room size but with bigger rooms i do struggle with taking screenshots. I do feel like this size is perfect if you like to take screenshots? but yeah we'll see ^-^