🩶 My 3DS from 2015: Nemui 🩶

Tuesday 4 June 2024

Hello, recently I couldn't put my 3ds down! It all started when Jaro mentioned he hacked into his 2DS and installed homebrew. He said he's been playing ACNL on it and honestly, say no more! So few days ago, I did the same and started a new town on ACNL! I think part of the reason im so into it now is because i learned to use a save editor. It allowed me so much freedom to do what i want to do like collect furniture sets, get pink flowers, and change my villagers.
What I love about new leaf is that landscaping is simplistic compared to new horizons. I only really need to lay down paths, flowers, trees and bushes and the occassional public works project and voila i have an aesthetic town.. you can do the same with horizons, but being able to landscape and waterscape outside, it does get overwhelming very quickly, or it's easier to feel you've not pushed these features as far as you can benefit from them. So for now im enjoying my new found love with playing with Nemui~!
Another feature i'm enjoying with the hacked 3ds is installing themes! There's a lot to choose from over at themeplaza.art! My favourite ones to browse are under kawaii tags like Sanrio, SanX, coquette, cute - you get the idea. The current one i use is Dreamy Milky Spread Kindness by Puri. I love the soft colours, folders icon, and background music that gently play when im on the main menu.
Also please notice my cute deco job with Nemui~! I decided to use the sticker sheet by Mering I feel like i did a great job for my first deco attempt hehe. This June I decided to update my handheld console's looks so I ordered some cases for my 3dsXL and reular 3ds from Kawaiifanfan's shop. They specialise in older console models like PSP, PSvita, gba, 2ds and 3ds. I do recommend them very much if you like aesthetic cute themed cases~

pic from their shop~ top left is for Nemui (3ds XL) right is for Momo (regular 3ds) left design! I also got a new cover for my Switch Oled, but this case is from AliE
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