🌿Henlo September🌿

Sunday 3 September 2023

⢠⠊⣉⠒⠤⢀⡀          ⡐⢁⠴⢜⢄
 ⡎⢸  ⠉⠐⠢⢌⠑⢄    ⡸  ⡆    ⠣⠱⡀
 ⡇⢸        ⣀⠗  ⠉⠉⠁  ⠙⠢⠤⡀⢃⢱
 ⡇⠘⣄⢀⠔⠉                    ⠈⠁⠘⡄
 ⢇    ⠁                              ⠘⡄
 ⢸            ⢀⣀⣀⡀        ⢀⣀⣀⡀  ⢣
 ⡸        ⢴⣾⡿⠿⠽⠇        ⠘⠛⠛⠛  ⠈⢄
⠰⡁              ⢠⠒⠢⡀⠈⠒⠊  ❤ ⡠⢄  ⡘
 ⠱⣀          ⢀⠜    ⠇        ⢀⠔⠁  ⡏
⠑⠤⢄⣀⠔⠁    ⡜        ⠊⠁  ⢀⠜”

Henlo everynyan, let's welcome september together, i am excited for you! it's been some few days since my last update here, the hyperfixation of constantly working on my blog has plateaued thankfully and I can turn what little attention span i have to other matters in my life.
It's been quite busy the past few days. One of the most felt changes to my daily routine is that little Kenzo left this weekend, the house is just simply too calm and quiet, even the kitties have felt the weirdness of an absent presence and it's a little melancholic. I will miss you Kenzo i hope you had a lot of fun staying here for the past 23 days. You are dearly missed already.
yummy snacks from Kenzo's pawrents
Chimi update~! I went ahead and re-strung her. I gathered up the courage to do it. I wish i prepared more but it was a successful first time attempt nonetheless. I tried to record the process but it was just too long and im using an old phone with fcked up battery life. The whole process was 5hrs too just because it's a very trial and error process.
She can do more poses now and doesnt snap back to sitting position. It was also a very enlightening experience and there is a sense of accomplishment and pride afterwards haha. I'm looking to get some wires and proper silicone discs for her joints soon!
meanwhile, i am looking to try my hand at her face-up next! Remember in my last post I mentioned I might buy an extra head for practice? I think I'm scratching that plan and instead saving up for a 2nd doll. Mind youuu I've always had plans to get a second doll so Chimi can have a twin! However i think it will be in October-November or later time period.
Whilst waiting and saving up, I actually decided to get a small desk to be a proper home for Chimi and her twin. It will serve as storage space as well for their accessories and my other crafting/art hobbies! Thankfully there's a lot of budget desks nowadays.
its quite small but adequate 60cm x 40cm
I also plan to make short form videos on this desk or just take photos in general. While browsing on Xiaohongshu I really loved the white desk aesthetic, I think it really focuses your attention to the dolls and their outfits. It's also a versatile backdrop for drastic changes in style. I'll be adding a pegboard and small storage organisers when i get back from my US trip!
Ahhhhh i've talked a lot, thank you for indulging me with all of the updates, my energy is crashing and i've suddenly ran out of spoons to talk. So long for now ~!