🖤 crochet: infinity scarf🖤

Thursday 18 January 2024

I'm a little bit shy to admit that i haven't made anything for snifflehubby eversince i
started crocheting last september.. but that changes now! i made him an infinity scarf for winter! i took the opportunity to learn tunisian crochet as well. i think tunisian crochet is one of those 'easy-to-learn-hard-to-master' type of techniques because the stich i learned was quite straight forward. I had fun learning it but as with long/large pieces it did get a bit monotonous at some point! i managed to persevere and finish the project nonetheless~! I took some pics of me wearing it although it's such bad quality. maybe i will replace with better photos soon, we'll see.

-- 🌷
edit: updated w/ better quality pics ♡