🖤 Petkit Puramax 🖤

Monday 15 January 2024

hewwooo this January Snifflehubby got me one of the dreamiest things on my wishlist, an automatic cat litterbox💕✨ pls my heart was pounding so hard when it got delivered to our apartment out of nowhere! we've been using it for 2 weeks now and i would say the cats took no time acclimating to it. There has been no problems so far and it really is a life changer for me. There are of course some nitpicks i have~ like the poop strainer has big holes and little dingleberry poopies💩 sometimess pass thru.. it could be that our litter of choice (coshida from lidl) is very fine. well i scoop out the dingleberries manually maybe twice a week because they dont really produce it much. so its not a problem. another nitpick is that the weighing scale is not very accurate and thus the app really dont list the names of my cats when they use the litterbox. However i still truly love this machine and i can see the cats are entertained by it as well. I really have no major complaints! i just hope this tech is more accessible to all cat owners. let me know if you have any questions i will try to answer them. btw, we have 2 cats coco and fushi and the poop bin fills up every 6 days!