๐Ÿ–ค early 2024 desk setup ๐Ÿ–ค

Wednesday 3 January 2024

Starting the year with a desk setup update~! if it looks cluttered that's ok!๐Ÿ’• i've been slowly trying to build a cozy aesthetic desk since i moved in but it's taking a long time to figure out what i want. I've always been a warm tone girlie๐Ÿงธ however last year i've started to develop a love for cool pastel tones. wether it be with art/illustrations, choice of clothing, and make-up. I think this 2024 is my time to embrace my love for it and let it take the wheel. haha.
Planned desk setup DIYs:
๐ŸŒท - cover wooden desk w/ white contact paper [done!]
๐ŸŒท - cover monitor stand w/ white contact paper [done!]
๐ŸŒท - attach wall shelf and decorate
๐ŸŒท - crochet a monitor sleeve for my wacom and LG monitor
๐ŸŒท - crochet fake plants for my planters
๐ŸŒท - crochet a cover/blankie for my pc chair
๐ŸŒท - paint bamboo ladder to white (?)
Tips for designing your desk space
First off im not a pro ok but since i moved a lot (5x in the last decade) I've had a lot of opportunity to play around with decorating my desk. I also change aesthetics a lot and im not consistent. These are some tips that you might find useful maybe:

๐Ÿธ - So if youre wondering why am covering everything in white it's because i'm future-proofing my setup! White is neither warm or cool so it's easier to change aesthetics this way. Unless you want an all-black/heavy goth setup, white furniture is a safe choice. yes it can be bland but that's where you add your trinkets, smol plants and collectibles for display. This is a budget friendly tip because if you already know/been consistent w/ your style by all means buy whatever color furniture you want.
๐Ÿธ - Having led strip at the back of your monitor as backlight also helps enhance or emphasise the style you're going for.
๐Ÿธ - Take in consideration your comfort, sensory needs, ergonomics, space allowance and pets as well when designing your happy desk place. it's more harmonious this way. For example i have 2 cats that love to hang out close to me at all times, so I decided to put a cat bed on my desk, now they don't sleep on my keyboard. Everybody is happy.
๐Ÿธ - invest in the hidden things. cable management is the bane of all clean desk setups, it would really help investing on cable trays and wireless peripherals.
๐Ÿธ - take your time, if monies is tight then mentally prepare yourself that it could take several months to years to finally be satisfied. accept that within this time frame you also grow and change your mind a lot. it takes a lot of trial and error to find the best setup for you and that's okay!

Old desk setups i had: